Technology services we specialize in,

We have expertise in analyzing your product to forecast what risks you might be exposing when it goes live. We love to look at your products, devices, networks and applications for vulnerabilities and threats. Performing a security audit a.k.a penetration testing on the applications, and fixing the discovered issues, you improve the quality of product and also safeguard the user’s data.

Our Expertise

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Our Specialized Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

The core of our team consists of many passionate and highly skilled, web app pen testers. Our team knows how crucial it is to maintain the security of a web application, and are expert in finding and exploiting web application vulnerabilities during engagements.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications handle the most critical and sensitive user data, now a days. That’s why the security of these apps have become more important than ever. ENCIPHERS team specializes in security testing of mobile applications.

Cloud Security Assessment

The training explains OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities from developers point of view & explains how to implement secure coding.

Responsible Disclosure Consultancy

What if a someone finds a vulnerability in your product or website? Who does the research report it to? Responsible Disclosure programs allow you to use the expertise of security researchers across the globe, to improve your product.

Vulnerability Assessments

We’re dedicated in our work to make sure that there are no loose points in the organization. For this we provide regular vulnerability assessment, which ensures that the application/network is secure against new vulnerabilites and those are fixed on a timely manner.

Security Training

Teaching and sharing knowledge is something, most of us love to do. We love to provide training on topics like application security, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, bug-bounties etc. and have a dedicated lab environment, designed only for training purpose.

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Interested in a high-end, hands on training on Web / Mobile / Infrastructure penetration testing? Request the detailed proposal for trainings offered by ENCIPHERS.

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