Hall of Fame



We at ENCIPHERS truly believe that at any company whether it ENCIPHERS would like to express our most sincere appreciation to all the security professionals for their contribution to the security of our web application and products

Year: 2020, Quarter: Q1

1. Gul Hameed (Vulnerability: Broken link hijacking)

Year: 2019, Quarter: Q1

1. Shivam Kamboj Dattana (Vulnerability: Misconfiguration)

YearYear: 2018, Quarter: Q4

1. Tahir Javed (Vulnerability: SPF records missing)

2. Trivedi Dhruv (Vulnerability: Misconfiguration)

Year: 2018, Quarter: Q1

1. Rakesh Kirola (Vulnerability: Unintentional authentication)

Year: 2017, Quarter: Q3

1. Huy Kha (Vulnerability: Information disclosure)