Web Application Hacking – 2020

The web application has grown to be a crucial part of business, in today’s digital world. The lucrative nature of the Internet has led to a significant increase in the number of hacking attacks from cybercriminals. This course uses a combination of lecture, real-world experiences and live exercises to teach you the tools & techniques to test the security of tried-and-true internal enterprise web technologies, analysing Web Apps for Vulnerabilities as well as cutting-edge Internet-facing applications with real-world lab applications. This comprehensive course is developed with beginners in mind and contains everything you need to know about ethical hacking and how to secure systems against attacks.

Training Date: 23 – 26 November 2020

Training Mode: Live – Virtual Training

This workshop will introduce you to the industry standards and best practices, at the same time teaching you how to focus on the methodology & learn:

  • How to effectively test web applications and API from a security perspective
  • How to use different tools to perform security audit and automated scans
  • How web applications are developed and tested with security in mind
  • How to find and exploit common security issues in modern web applications
  • How to explore key aspects of security testing, risk assessment, web security or threat modelling