Disclosure Consultancy

What is Responsible Disclosure?

Responsible Disclosure is a benefit from the knowledge of security researchers by providing them transparent rules for submitting vulnerabilities to your team with a responsible disclosure policy. Your team has been implementing development best practices and have yet to face a security breach, but in the off event a security researcher discovers a vulnerability, it’s important to clarify a process that allows them to safely report the issue to your team.

Why do you need it?

Occasionally a security researcher may discover a flaw in your app. This leaves the researcher responsible for reporting the vulnerability. An ethical hacker will privately report the breach to your team and allow your team a reasonable timeframe to fix the issue, but in the case they do not, they may publicize the exploit to alert the public. This scenario can lead to negative press and a scramble to fix the vulnerability.

responsible disclosure policy is the first step in helping protect your company from an attack or premature vulnerability release to the public.

Where can we help you?

  1. Understanding and determining the scope for BugBounty program
  2. Responsible Disclosure guidelines
  3. Responsible Disclosure rules and scope
  4. Rewards and budget for the program
  5. End to End setup and program management
  6. Vulnerability report triaging service

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