How to become a hacker in 10 mins?

Hey, welcome again everyone to this new blog post. This one is quite different from the other posts because in this post we will tell you how to become a hacker. Moreover, this post is mainly for people starting in the cyber-security field or someone who wants to learn how to hack after watching the super amazing hacks in “MOVIES” 😉

First thing first. Let’s get rid of the MISCONCEPTION:

Hey, a hacker’s work is really cool. They just open their laptop and just type something and WHOA..they hack into a company’s database, they hack a person’s social accounts and much more things. We agree that this is what most of the people will be thinking when they think of becoming a hacker.

So let me clear your misconception. This isn’t the slightest of the real world hacking. Yes, hackers do hack into a company’s system or steal wifi password, but this doesn’t happen in a course of 5 mins as shown in Movies and TV Shows. It takes a lot of time and unshakable enthusiasm to carry out these operations. Yes, it can take a couple of hours or even a month to do this kind of things. Yes, yes, you read it correctly, we said “MONTH”. What is the profit from hacking someone’s account if you get caught after doing so? Movies don’t show this kind of things. So stay sharp and welcome to the real world.

Ok, you are here now. There can be three reasons why you are reading this post:

    • You are completely bored with your job and want to take a dive in the security field.
    • Second, you were just randomly going through “security” posts and landed here.
    • And the best of all, Hail yeah, you really want to become a hacker. The idea of seeing something that the normal eyes can’t see, the freedom to learn anything and do anything is burning inside you. And you think that “Knowledge should be free”.

We are not trying to promote any malicious intent that the person might have. Take this in a good interest and yes, don’t think all hackers are bad persons. Hey, there are hackers which have done some awesome things in the past so stay right on the path because there is a very thin line of string between the right and the wrong.:)

Now, let’s get to the point. For whatever reason you are here, you are welcome. Read the entire post and hope that you become a hacker in 10 mins.;)

What do you require?

Knowledge is everything, hmm..somewhat correct, but not in this field.
The most important thing is the passion for learning And yeah by that, we mean to keep learning new things daily. Technology is changing every day. If you come across an old report, where a hacker found a vulnerability on a website or when MySpace was hacked by Samy’s worm, and you try to do the same thing, ALAS! it won’t work now. Those companies have already patched it and yes they have taken extra security measures in this current situation, where every day there have been cases of hacking with malicious intent. So, keep updated with the latest technologies because they will be your greatest tools for preparing a hack.

Let’s don’t waste time now and see what is that you need to learn as a beginner in hacking. And yes, we mean all of them.

1. Install Linux:

We have heard people saying, Linux is hard to use. It’s not meant for day to day use. We feel that quite embarrassing when we hear it from people who haven’t even spend a week with any of the Linux distributions. We use Ubuntu for our day to day work and yes, it works wonderfully. And yes, when we say that, it means that we are more happy with Ubuntu than we were with our Windows 8 distribution. And we are really sorry if any Window’s fan person is reading this post, and thinks that I am disrespecting Windows. We are just saying that Windows is very user-friendly and it’s the perfect for family and daily use if you are just watching movies or playing games on your laptop, some word and excel work and you are done. But Windows is a big No-No in the Hacking industry. Hacking tools are most of the times specifically written for different Linux distributions, also Linux gives you more security and control over your system.
So try Linux, there are different distributions available like Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali Linux, CentOS. If you haven’t used Linux before, install Ubuntu and you will also get a good community of Ubuntu users and can get all your doubts cleared in a very small span of time.

2. Learn Linux Commands:

What is the use of Linux if you could do everything through GUI? So, learn Linux commands. By that, we mean some basic commands. You don’t have to learn all the commands available and think that you are a Linux Expert now. When you are starting, just learn basic commands and move on.
This is the book I personally prefer for learning Linux commands. Here is a download link to the pdf Linux Command Line.
Also, for starters, you can take a Linux course from Cybrary and yes, it’s free. Here is the link.

So make sure to study it after installing Linux and you will learn many new things. Trust me Linux is best.:)

3. Scripting Language:

This is the best thing. Hacking always doesn’t mean to break into things, it also means how you make your tasks easier and automated. Scripting languages can be very handy. To write a small script which can download all the pdf’s on a certain page without going to the page and click on every link to do so. There are many scripting languages but Python and Bash is the most popular because many tools have already been written and they have a super fan following. You can learn both of them if you already have some knowledge of programming. Else, if you are new to programming, we will highly recommend you to learn Python in-depth. Python will help you both as a programming language and a scripting one and it will need much less time to understand program details in python. Also, there are a whole bunch of tutorials on Python on the internet and on Youtube, so start with some basics and then go to the advanced sections in Python.

4. Networking:

And here comes the Boss. This is some cool advanced stuff. Learn about TCP/IP, different ports, HTTP, HTTPS and much more. Read more about subnets, wireless technologies like WEP, WPA, WPA2.
Learn how a website works, how a request is sent and how the server sends the response. There are lots of things to learn in networking. So, devote sometime because it will come very handy in the hacking process.
If you are starting or want to refresh your skills, you can check out this awesome course at Networking on Cybrary. Just click on the link here.

5. Virtualization technologies:

You will need a target to practice the hacking stuff. For this, you can download and install VMware or Virtualbox. This software let you make an instance of an operating system without making any changes to your host OS. So install different VM’s and practice hacking on it without breaking into someone’s system illegally.

6. Security concepts:

You won’t be able to do anything special if you don’t know how security works in the real world and what technologies are being used. For that, you will have to update your mind’s database with various knowledge on these topics. Topics like cryptography, password hashes, proxies, firewalls come under this.

Final summary

These 6 topics contain a lot of things. Do take your time learning these things and if you think that this is all it takes to become a super hacker, then sorry there are many other things to learn before you become one. But yes, you are already a hacker if you at least gain a basic knowledge of these topics.

With doing these, we will recommend you something that you should do:

    • Join some hacking forums and community. There are a lot of those and IRC channels also. You won’t understand everything but at least try to connect with different persons and ask them for help. They will give you a lot of ideas and experience matters so it will be a good learning experience for you.
    • Create an account on Cybrary. We suggest it highly. And don’t think that Cybrary is giving us money for promotions. It’s for your personal and professional growth. They have got some of the best courses you can find on the internet today and all of them are free. And yes, we did learn the basics of hacking on this platform.:)
    • Go for FREE. Hacking is for common people and it’s for free. Don’t get in the misconception that a paid course will make you a hacker. Instead, invest money in hacking books and there are a lot of free tutorials and courses on the internet and on Youtube. You just need to google correctly to find these. Also, spend time on your computer as it is your best friend. Believe me.:)
    • There are many websites where you can practice learning hacking online. Search for websites which let you practice hacking and you will 100’s of those. Pick your favorite and complete their missions. It’s really fun doing those like if you are playing some kind of game and improving yourself with each upcoming mission.

Everything is good and fine but all of these will go in vain, if you lack the passion and persistence for hacking, if you just want to hack your friend’s Facebook account or to take some kind of foolish revenge. Hacking is not only meant for breaking things but it is mainly for securing you and the people around you.
Take a look at the bigger and better picture. Hacking Google and going to Jail is nothing but a moron’s job. So instead try to make Google a better place so that people around you can search safely without worrying about their personal details.

So this is all for now. Now if you are thinking, that wasn’t the title of this post somewhat different? Then my friend, what will learn after going through this post, will act as the stepping stone for your new hacking skills. Hacking needs persistence. Noone learns it in a day, it takes years to practice. Go through these topics and do all that we have mentioned and again learn many more things, because it has been said:

” Hacking is not an end product but a process.”

You learn and do it daily.

So keep learning and happy hacking. Banzai..:)